NeighborhoodLane is a social network that was developed in 2000 to better our Nation’s Communities – specifically one individual at a time through positive, educational and inspirational efforts.


  • It’s Fast, Easy and Free.
  • Stay connected with your community
  • All the information you need about your community.
  • Your Ultimate Community Bulletin Board
  • Neighborhood News, Classifieds and More.
  • Neighborhood Cookbook – Find and share new recipes with your neighbors.
  • A Directory of Your Neighborhood Businesses and Members.

Real Estate Agents

  • The Ultimate Farm Tool for Real Estate Agents Has Arrived….FrontPorch.Social
  • Offer something of GREAT VALUE to your residents for FREE.
  • Use our EASY, revolutionary, patent-pending Network Neighborhood ™ tools.
  • Easily distinguish yourself from the competition.
  • POWERFUL name recognition, residents see YOU every time they log in.
  • Brand yourself and interact with residents online.
  • Stop selling to your customers and start helping.
  • Create customers for life and become part of the community.
  • Each resident contact is a potential marketing opportunity.
  • Communicate neighborhood EVENTS more effectively.
  • Safe and effective way to farm.
  • Gain INSTANT access and start today with purchase.

Create new and exciting farming material with content about their Neighborhood Social Network to gain attention and stand out from your competition. Farming is a marathon, not a sprint but now YOU can offer something your competition does not.

Neighborhood farm boundaries are clearly defined and the License Agreement gives the Neighborhood Specialist Exclusive use of the system in that boundary. So no more sharing space with your competition.