Why is it Important to Join a Neighborhood Social Network

Be a part of your Community or Neighborhood

Your community or neighborhood is the first place to get social and make friends. Be it shopping, going out for entertainment or recreation or even starting a new project, the first way to do so is getting to know your neighbors and your community. When everything is done through social media, why not know your neighborhood and your community through it? FrontPorch.Social is a community or neighborhood Social Network, which will help you establish a friendlier and safer community or neighborhood in your area.

Below are some reasons why you should sign up for a community or neighborhood social network and the best one at that – FrontPorch.Social.

Get to Know Your Community or Neighborhood

Imagine being new in a community or neighborhood and not knowing anyone or the best of the local area. If you are in this situation, FrontPorch.Social will give you a warm and friendly welcome and a platform which will help you get to know the people around you. It is very easy and fun to get to know people and establish a friendly group, share ideas beneficial to the enrichment of your community or neighborhood and in short, establish a harmonious and wonderful environment for everyone.

Market and Sell Your Stuff

MarketPlace is a platform from this amazing social network, where you can Buy, Sell or Trade your stuff or even give it away for free. If you are planning to start a new hobby or take classes like dancing or painting, or just opened a small business all by yourself, you can receive help from your neighbors on FrontPorch.

Garage Sale

Announce a garage sale!

Read and Write Reviews

Everything good deserves an Applause. Through this amazing neighborhood social network, you can review and write compliments about anything new in your area. Be it a new ice-cream parlor or someone with a new business, the nearest picnic spot or a house-keeping service, you can write reviews about whatever you want, so that everyone knows what is the best.


Neighbors love to share delicious and wonderful recipes. How about that Lemon Bar recipe that everyone loves or that quick Meatloaf recipe t that is a huge hit with all the kids all the neighbors love our community or neighborhood Cookbook. So cool – check out or add to LickingMyChops, a wonderful and amazing place for pet food receipes – so cool!

Lost & Found

Get the word out quickly when something is lost or found in the neighborhood. The most common one is a family pet! Help them get reunited quickly by using FrontPorch.Social to reach out to the community.

Neighbor Helping Neighbor

Need help with something or have something to offer? Let your neighbors know and start being a real community that reaches out with helping hands. With all the backyard gardens and extra produce why not set up a fun produce exchange? The possibilities are unlimited.

Neighbor to Neighbor

Send private messages to your neighbor or Neighborhood Specialist without having to use your personal email address.