FrontPorch – An AWESOME Way to Stay Connected

Enrich your quality of life

In today’s fast moving world, we barely have time to deal with all the demanding things that make up our amazing lives. Connecting with our neighbors and individuals in the community in which we live is sometimes lost in the process. To enrich your quality of life getting involved in your neighborhood and your community and connecting with all the wonderful people around you will help ensure a better quality of life.

Internet technology has made our lives easier. NeighborhoodLane maximizes the power of the Internet in a unique and creative way allowing us to better connect with our neighbors.

NeighborhoodLane smartly and intuitively uses internet technology to bring people in a single community together. It connects people is so many wonderful ways.

Why Connect with Your Neighbors?

We need to stay connected with people who live near us to build strong communities. Strong communities are essential for a healthy life not just for us but for future generations as well. Pertinent information can be exchanged through this connection and used for creating lifestyle opportunities for all the members of the community.

How Does NeighborhoodLane Work?

Our slogan, “Bringing America Home” says it all.  A social platform dedicated to improving the quality of life for the members of a neighborhood or a community.  It provides a secure location for people within communities to interact among themselves. Community members can use the platform to both find and exchange information that is important for various neighborhood purposes.

For information search and exchange, NeighborhoodLane has so many wonderful tools. Here are just a few:

The Neighborhood Directory

It works just like a traditional directory but the information is filled by the neighborhood members. Contact information for residents can be shown or made private.

Neighborhood Bulletin

The bulletin board can be used for featuring information like events, professional services, available jobs, gatherings, common interest groups, baby sitting, community or fund raising events. All community members can post on the bulletin.

Neighborhood Calendar

If someone is hosting an event or there is a general community event coming soon, information related to it can be posted on the calendar. This helps to mark all the important events and people can stay up to date without missing out on them.

Neighborhood Cookbook

For all the cooking and food enthusiasts within the community, this is the perfect place. This particular module can be used to share recipes from communities from all over the US or select to share with just your neighborhood. Community members can also rate their favorite recipes.

Neighborhood News

The news section can be used by the Neighborhood Specialist to announce important or current events, reminders, open houses as well as provide a service to the community by working with members post their make special announcements.

The Neighborhood Features

The features section includes information of interest to the community like HOA information, local utility providers, Real Estate listings, local parks, local events, school information or community floor plans. Other community-related information that you may like will also be available in this section.

NeighborhoodLane’ FrontPorch provides an intelligent way to connect community members and neighbors this fast paced day and age. If you cannot find the time contacting people face to face or at their doors, the internet is the quickest way to find and post important information, to get the serviced available in your community, and to contact your real estate agent today.